About Us

I started The Mane Dealer in November 2007 and never ever thought it would be where it is today. A collection of own brand products growing every year and focused solely on bringing Mane Dealer clients new and old what they ask for.

With a 40 year background in the equestrian world and an exceptional early experience in large scale retail I feel I am equipped to give Mane Dealer customers a unique service and a first class shopping experience.

The company has grown beyond all expectations and I feel privileged to have an amazing core of clients who are growing daily as more Mane Dealer products arrive.

The fabulous new Katy Carter range will be expanding with new summer and winter ranges.

As always there will be new products, new designs and new ideas for 2018!

I would like to personally thank my loyal clients for their unwavering support durinf a personally tough 2017

Good luck to everyone in 2018


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